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Hotel Revenue Management

Thrivotel offers Hotel Revenue Management Consulting services to distressed hotels and resort partners to optimize revenues, to drive exponential profits and to create sustainable growth strategy. Thrivotel’s Revenue management strategies involve restructuring the Yield Management, Channel management, pricing and forecasting the market demands to maximize the profit and to have a long-term positive impact in growing the market share. Get set for exponential growth over organic growth with increased Total Revenues and improved online revenues.

Channel Management

Listing your property only on few of the online channels may not generate revenues in the long run. Right approach would involve considering room distribution as a sub function of revenue management. Hotel Channel Management is smartly distributing the right room at a profitable price to the appropriate market segments through the high yielding demand generators, it is a planned balance between online presence and offline market penetration while considering inventory management as well. Leverage Thrivotel’s access to OTAs, 1000s of corporate travel buyers, Travel agents, Meeting and conference planners, Wedding Planners to open up new supply platforms for your property. Each of these solutions cater to different type of Hotels and Resorts and One Size Doesn’t Fit All. Choose what works for you.

Web & Digital Services

Thrivotel provides digital marketing architecture and help hotels to build a long term Web & Digital strategy. With this breakthrough solution and proven marketing tools, Thrivotel provides a consistent multi-channel digital experience to hotel guests and prepare hotels for future digital marketing demands. Thrivotel hand holds Hoteliers to build their own Website and Booking Engine, manage their Digital Marketing, Social Media , Online Reputation Management and complete web presence. This is in line with our Hotel Revenue Management and Channel Management efforts to put a Hotel Partners on the digital map and in front of Travel Buyers.

Audits & Consulting

Hospitality and Finance professional at Thrivotel work with the small Hotels and resorts to understand their business needs and assist them to reach the desired goals. We conduct comprehensive audits in the field of Hotel Revenue Management , Hospitality Operations & Service Standards, Online presence and website health and consulting services for Finance & Accounting, GST Advisory & Audits. Experts at Thrivotel audit and score each service and collate the results to offer detailed reporting, in-depth analysis and unbiased actionable insights. It enables Hoteliers to set a criterion of existing service standards, SOPS and to measure staff competencies and to create measurable goals and then continuously monitor the improvements and perfections.

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Our Vision

Thrivotel’s core belief is growing to reach maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit our Hotel Partners in India. We help our hotel partners to Thrive in their business. Synonym to our name ‘Thrivotel’,  our vision is to make our Hotel partner as a Thriving Hotel , it is the end result of our actions. Thrivotel lets the hotelier focus on the things which hoteliers have experience on and help them with the areas where they don’t have expertise. We understand hotel business deeply and strive to uncover the veiled which can drive more revenue for your hotel . We provide individualized hospitality management consulting services which makes each of our Hotel partners to fully function to maximum potential, flourish and truly Thrive !

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